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Feathered Friends | Elodie Details

15 Feb, 2019 

Every Elodie Details collection needs its very own playful print. And what is more playful and cute than little birds freely playing on your bed sheets, while they watching over and protecting you? 


This is another free-flowing aquarelle creation, but done in a slightly less chaotic style than Unicorn Rain. The multitude of colours is still the same though.

The birds are created using beautiful details from favourite patterns such as Everest Feathers and Dots of Fauna. Can you spot where they appear?


Schnuller für Neugeborene - Feathered Friend

with logotype est. 2005


Bambus Musselin Decke - Plum

Atelier Dreams SS19


Bettwäscheset - Feathered Friends

Atelier Dreams SS19