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Escape the Ordinary

ESCAPE THE ORDINARY – an introduction

Do you ever feel like letting go of your everyday life? To rearrange everything just to see what happens next? We all do sometimes, and that’s when we turn to our creativity and imagination. Can we escape the ordinary through extraordinary things?

Elodie Details Autumn 2017 Collection is an attempt to do just that. We’ve gone exploring to find places, things, scents and sounds that leave us feeling unchained, more adventurous and less familiar.
We found the luxury of the wilderness, the excitement of discovery and the beauty of experiencing nature together. All these impressions have been put in to our new collection “Escape the Ordinary”.

This collection features a misty mountain dot, a dreamy winter meadow, and a colour scheme where deep tones of plum and mineral green interact with charcoal greys and frosty pink. Sprinkle it with a little powder snow and add a warming bonfire. There you go - extraordinary little ways of escaping the ordinary.

Elodie Details Autumn 2017 Collection is full of extraordinary little ways of escaping the ordinary. Exploring new places, finding adventure and leaving familiarity behind meant we found luxury in the wilderness. Come escape with us!

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