The Birthday Gift Guide

Are you having trouble picking gifts for a little miracle’s birthday? Perhaps you struggle with finding a gift that is pretty, yet practical? Or maybe you simply have no idea what the little nugget might need at this particular age, and could use a foolproof recommendation? Well, look no further — we have listed some beautiful birthday gifts for the newborn’s, one-, two- and three-year-old’s special day.


Gifts for the newborn

With a newborn, it’s all about ensuring that the little one is comfortable, safe and feels at home. Small things like a Blinkie to snuggle with, a hooded towel to cosy up in after bath time and petite pacifiers can add that extra thrill for both the new parents and the precious family addition.

Gifts for the one-year-old

A one-year-old is a mini explorer, curious about everything and continuously discovering new sights, tastes and feels. Perfect accompaniments for the explorations are a beautiful bib for the food connoisseur, a soft playmat that invites creativity and a matching pacifier and clip to assist the investigator lifestyle.

Gifts for the two-year-old

At two years old, it’s the time for adventure, play and starting to find a little voice and identity. Essentials to carry along for the exiting and the somewhat bumpy ride is a snuggle buddy, a protective sunhat and a Pearl Velvet Blanket for all the long walks to and from the playground.

Gifts for the three-year-old

When the little star turns three, the outside world expands with endless opportunities to follow. With a sprinkle of fantasy, the garden becomes a vast forest, and the sandbox suddenly turns into a castle. To support the adventures, a mini backpack and StoreMyStuff ™ to keep all the toys in order will come in handy.