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Changing Bags – Fashion Look | Elodie Details

Why do we need a specific bag designed to carry around Diapers?

That’s a question I’ve always wondered about, and one that I thought a lot about during my kids diaper years. And to be honest, I don’t think we do. What we do need during those years is a bag that you can conveniently hang from the stroller handle bars, and that can fit most or all of what you need for a quick diaper change. Sure, plenty of inside compartments and robust durability can be nice features during these years as well. But is that really so much different from the “regular” hand bags all moms have plenty of? Not really. To me an equally important aspect is feeling good about how you look carrying it. 

That kind of thinking has inspired me during the design and development of all our Changing Bags. Not one of them should be limited to use as “just a changing bag” during the short years where that’s what you’ll mainly be carrying. It’s a lot more fun investing in high quality when you know there are multiple uses for your purchase. Plus, your PPU (price per usage) will be much, much lower. Who doesn’t love that?

Every one of our Changing Bags works equally well as a work bag for your laptop, weekend bag for a short get away, or sport bag when going to the gym. Or even your “night on the town” bag if you ask me. They are, and should be, that good looking. 
And Hey, the changing pad in them can just as easily be used as your seat cushion when your outdoors. The thermo-pockets in them can just as easily keep your coke cold as your formula warm. Multi-purpose people, it’s the name of the game!
And guess why we make the details in genuine leather? That’s right, it ages much nicer, and we don’t want you to let the bag go when diaper changing days are over. What a waste that would be!

I know for a fact that most of you do hang on to it. So, I have a favour to ask of you. If you snap a picture of yourself using one of our Changing Bags for something completely “not diapery”, please tag it with #ElodieDetails and help us spread the gospel of #upcycling and #multi-use. 

With Love / Linda