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20 sep, 2018
What is the right choice for you and your baby?

Whether you’re a fan of winter or not, you’re going to be leaving the house at some point. Maybe just to stretch your legs a little, refill the diaper stash or to proudly show off your little miracle. A little fresh air is great for your baby´s health. We Swedes inevitably discovered at some point that the cold air can be a great help for nap time. So, practical winter baby gear will be needed – and it doesn’t hurt if it’s stylish.

Over the years we’ve learned quite a bit about these products, as we’ve created and refined not one but two variations of footmuffs and a baby overall. Here are some of the insight we’d like to share;

First off, let us start with some great things about the Classic Footmuff:

  1. Many babies dislike being stuffed into clothing with sleeves, as it restricts movement. Getting a baby into a snowsuit is an unnecessary trial.
  2. The size should last up to three years of age. With babies growing in to kids at high speed a high quality, large enough footmuff will be a good choice for your wallet.
  3. Temperature control is important. Reduce heat quickly by opening the zipper on both ends. Or easily remove the top all together on those times when the “just a quick pop in” visits become a very long “pop in”.  

Some great things about the Baby Overall:

  1. The Baby Overall is perfect for your baby’s first months of travelling. The thin yet warm material is perfect for transitions between indoor and outdoor.
  2. On the go! Whether you’re at the store or away on vacation this practical overall gives you easy access for diaper changes anywhere. The double zippers make it possible to open the Baby Overall up all the way.
  3. Movability. Using zippers at the bottom you can quickly convert it from a slightly more restricting overall, to a free-kickin’ footmuff. Babies do like to use their legs when ever they can. 

Still not sure what to go for? Here are a few things you might consider when choosing a Footmuff or Baby Overall:

  1. The price point. A higher price point often means better materials, and nothing is more important in a winter product. While you can still get use out of a less expensive Footmuff or Baby Overall you should always opt for great quality when it comes to baby winter gear. Just like when you choose a winter jacket for yourself.
  2. Universal Fit. With a wide range of strollers & car seats on the market you should look for a universal fit product. Maybe you’ll want or need to update your stroller? Make sure your footmuff can follow with you.

Baby’s age/month of birth: This might be the most important factor to consider. Make sure you get a size that will be right for when winter comes around. With our footmuffs though, you need not worry about this, as they function just great with both new-borns and toddlers. And the high quality ensures it will keep functioning (plus add great second-hand value).

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