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Marta Logina

Marta Logina | Elodie Details

15 Maj, 2019 

Marta Logina is one of those people who’s been on our Instagram-radar for a long time. We can always tell immediately that it’s one of her photos just by the style and lively compositions. She has that rare ability to capture movement and beauty in everyday situations. We wanted to get to know Marta a little closer and asked her a few questions about life and her inspirations.

Who is Marta Logina?

Marta is wife to Raimonds and mum to 3 girls. Together they live in a beautiful country called Latvia. She spends her days home-schooling, cooking, cleaning, exploring nature with her girls and taking photos to make memories.

What or who inspires you?

My biggest inspiration are my girls. I love to watch how they live out their childhood.

They are so girly and feminine. In spring and summer time, there is no day without flowers that they bring inside the house. They aren’t afraid to get dirty in the garden, to bring snails inside or get wet in the rain. They know all the birds in our garden and can tell their names by their songs. And I just sit and watch them. That inspires me most.


Tell us about your family.

I always keep saying - I am so lucky to have Raiminds as my husband. He is the most caring, supportive person I know. It is so easy to love him. Amēlija is the oldest daughter (7) She is really responsible and clever. Naomija - she loves to dream, and nature fits her so well. Soon she will be 5. And then - Matilda. Oh, she is the most joyful one!

What is the best thing about being a mom?

I always say, that being a mom is really hard thing to do, because you need to work on yourself, your attitude and character. But at the same time, it’s the most beautiful and joyful thing in the world, because of unending love you get and receive.

Describe a perfect Sunday with your family?

Making pancakes together and setting breakfast table with a lot of flowers outside in the garden. Bird songs and girl laughter’s would be our music. Then we would go to church, sing a lot of songs and thank God for everything He has done. There we would meet our friends and family. And at the evening we would take our dinner with us to the other side of the airport. Eat a picnic while watching planes arriving or going to different places. At the end of the day there would be dad’s creative fairy tale and good night sleep for all of us.

For more inspiration follow Marta on Instagram @marta.logina



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