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BackPack Snacks!

BackPack Snacks! | Elodie Details

Adventure Awaits.

Has autumn reached your parts yet? It certainly has here, and many of our little customers are now back at kindergarten or pre-school.

At my kids pre-school, they go on little outings at least once per week, which I think is great. Fresh air, getting to train your little feet in rougher terrain, and just an everyday adventure that is so very rewarding. Even if it’s just to the park a block down. Sometimes they’ll stay out a little longer and the teachers will ask us to pack a lunch for the kids, but more often all they need is a light snack. These little excursions are the main reasons we developed the BackPack MINI™. I wasn’t happy with the Back Packs already available, so I figured others probably weren’t either. Kids genuinely love to wear backpacks. Packing and unpacking them are like little treasure hunts. So, we made zippers that open all the way to the bottom for easy hunting. We included a warming seat cushions for outdoor snack time, and we put a magnetic lock on the chest strap. Fun to play with, and guaranteed to release if they get themselves caught on something. Safety first, always! Anyway, back to the snacks. Here are some of my favourite treats to prepare;

- Apple slices with cinnamon! Yummy! Tastes like an apple pie but prepared in under one minute. I’ve learned that the best way to get kids to eat more fruit is to cut them up in smaller pieces. Always works!

- Healthy Muffins! Google the basic recipe and then adjust to your kid’s preferences. Pizza filling, Salmon with spinach, pesto and chicken – those are some of the favourites in my household. Takes a little longer to make, but since you’re probably making a whole pan, your freezer will be filled with ready to go snacks for a long time.

- Pizza Rolls! Get the ready-made pizza dough from the store and smear literally anything on. Roll it up and slice it to rolls. Give them 15-20 minute in the oven and you’re done!

- Put it on a stick! For some reason kids will it most anything if it’s been threaded to an ordinary wooden bbq-stick. Left-over meatballs or sausage, Baby tomatoes, cucumbers, pasta. You name it, it sticks.

Oh, and here’s a bonus tip related to the BackPack MINI™. Kids produce about 10 000 drawings per year in pre-school, right? (not all of them are worth keeping, but all of them are definitely worth pretending to keep) Put an empty toilet paper roll in the Back Pack, roll up the drawings and stick them in. That way they reach home without wrinkles, and without getting lost. Your welcome 😉

And hey I almost forgot, in December we will be introducing lovely little thermoses that match our BackPack MINI™ in both style and size, so keep a look out for those. Now let’s go make snacks, I’m hungry!

/Linda Sätterström - Founder & Creative Director