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Changing Pad Covers | Elodie Details

February 15th, 2018
Change up your changing table!

Upcycling! You’ve heard the term, here it is in practice.

Rather than replacing your old changing pad when it looks worn out or you’ve tired of it’s plain and boring design, re-use it but with an addition of contemporary style. Unless you have a very unusual changing pad, our brand new oeko-tex certified covers will fit over it closely thanks to the elastic underside. You get them in packs of 2, one plain coloured and the other in one of our cool patterns. When one needs a date with the washer/dryer, the other one is ready to go. When you’re (temporarily) tired of the pattern, change to the plain one. 

Poncho de bain - Embedding Bloom

En stock

Couverture pour matelas à changer - Petite Botanic

En stock