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Changing bags

Changing bags | Elodie Details

Wellbeing at the gym

Close to where I live there’s a gym. A very well-equipped gym actually. There are plenty of work out machines, classes to take in everything from mindfulness to boxersize, modern locker rooms and a great big sauna. But best of all – they offer a baby-sitting service. If someone had told my mom back in the seventies that when her grandchildren are born, their mother could hand them off to trained professional – at the GYM!  She would have smiled at the idea, but she wouldn’t have believed it. But times change and nowadays any gym that wants parents as clients pretty much needs to offer child care. It’s become the norm, and that’s a step in the right direction if you ask me. 

As I’m sure many of you know, physical exercise is one of the best ways of countering depression, a condition that unfortunately befalls a lot of mothers in the months following child birth. That’s why I went to the gym. Well at least I kept telling myself that was the reason. In all honesty, the main reasons where probably just the chance to take a long and uninterrupted shower, look myself in the mirror and just be with myself for a little while. But I didn’t tell anyone that 😉. This week we’re putting the spotlight on our new diaper bag models, developed in a more sporty style than before, and at a lower price point. They are great on any occasion, but particularly so when your off to the gym with your little one. It holds everything you need as a parent, but remember to pack what YOU need as well. And remember to take care of YOU, as often as possible and in any way that you can. Stay healthy!

/Linda Sätterström, Founder & Creative Director

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