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Introducing House of Elodie

Introducing House of Elodie | Elodie Details

Designed to upcycle with three necessities in one – House of Elodie is your ultimate Baby Gym, Snuggle House and Clothing Rack. This unique multi-use product will be your haven when trying to figure out how to buy less stuff, while still making sure your child has everything that he or she needs.

House of Elodie starts with a steady wooden base that in combination with the other parts will serve as either a Baby Gym, a Snuggle House or a Clothing Rack.

Four fun toys can be added to create the ultimate Baby Gym that will stimulate your baby’s motoric skills and coordination. All four are made in soft cotton and each with a different surprise when squeezing them.

Place the Snuggle House cover over the Baby Gym and you have yourself a cosy house for your Snuggles to live in. (Dolls and teddys are also welcome)!

When combining the Clothing Rack with the Baby Gym, you get a Clothing Rack with 10 matching baby size hangers for your child — a beautiful interior detail in the nursery or kids’ room.



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House of Elodie


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House of Elodie


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House of Elodie