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  • Petite Botanic - Meet me in the mountain meadows!
Petite Botanic - Meet me in the mountain meadows!

Petite Botanic - Meet me in the mountain meadows! | Elodie Details

Come meet us on the Mountain Meadows.

Creating the patterns for this year’s fall collection began with defining three key concepts. Wintery Mountains, Flora & Fauna, and France (C'est vrai!).

We went to work exploring the Flora of the French Alps and found such an abundance of beauty that it was hard to choose. Eventually we settled on Primrose, Edelweiss and Masterwort, as they went so well with the colour scheme we were working with. When creating our collections, it’s always of key importance to make sure the plain coloured products and the patterns harmonize with each other. Petit Botanic is in fact our fifth pattern with flowers, and from a commercial standpoint they have never failed to deliver. Some of you may remember “Apple of my eye” from a few years back. It’s obvious that our customers want and need flowers in their lives. Who doesn’t? We wanted this one to have a slightly more modern look. Going with a pattern of relatively small flowers helped achieve that. It also makes you picture that mountain meadow we’re all looking to find. And by adding a bow to some of the products with this pattern, we think we also gave them an aura of French elegance

Great styling companions to this pattern include; All vintage clothing, knitted cardigans, knitted socks, leather shoes with lacing and all kinds of bows. So, get your ensemble together and head up the mountain side. Breathe in the crisp air, get a bon fire started an voilá! You’ve escaped the ordinary.