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Would you wear wood?

Would you wear wood? | Elodie Details

Soft and warm on chilly days

Do you own a Winter Beanie from Elodie Details? Then you are in fact already wearing a tree. (!)You see, the fabric we’ve developed for this great piece is a mix of 46% Cotton, 46% Modal, and 8% Spandex (for good measure). Modal is a type of fibre made by spinning cellulose extracted from beech trees. So about half of the raw material in our Winter Beanies actually comes from a tree!

Modal fabric has some amazing properties that make it perfectly-suited for anything worn next to the skin, and it’s especially wonderful for our little ones. Most importantly, both the breathability and moisture absorbing qualities of modal are better than cotton, meaning that sweat from a hard day of play is transported away from the skin, preventing cool down. Other nice properties are that the fibres do not pill, are very stable and will not rip, and that it is less prone to shrinkage or deformation than 100% cotton. All in all this means our Winter Beanies can be used by many growing kids, giving them a very low PPU (price per usage). And buying less is a wonderful way to be kind to mother nature.

We update prints and colours each season, but the fabric and the signature metallic stripe remains the same. The Winter Beanies has become one of our most popular products in recent years, in many different places all over the world. It’s also one of the most featured under the hashtag #elodiedetails, which is easy to understand with all the close ups of cute kids you get. It’s a photogenic product! With that in mind we’ll be setting up a little contest soon on Facebook and Instagram, where we’d like to see Winter Beanie photos from places all over the world. Stay tuned for that! And stay warm!