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Baby Shower

Baby showers are becoming increasingly more popular the world over, and we can understand why. The phenomenon originated in the US and the idea has been to gather parents, mothers in particular, before the birth of a son or daughter, to share experiences and advice on life as a parent. It’s also an opportunity to “shower” the expectant parents with gifts. Usually things they’ll need for the baby. A baby shower is usually organized by someone close to the mother or father, and sometimes it’s set up as a surprise party.

Our best advice when picking out gits for a baby shower would be to go for things with a subtle colour tone. That way it’s easier for the parents to style wise tie the gifts together to a whole. This is of course important when buying clothes, but equally important with home décor, textiles and accessories.

Since a baby shower takes place before the baby is even born, you may want to consider buying a gift that the parents themselves may not think about getting, but that can be good to have from day one. Some picks from our assortment that can be a good choice are; Our Organizer! A good present even if the parents have already picked out a diaper bag, as it is smaller, more compact and easy to bring along. A Muslin Blanket and/or Blinky is a good present to receive before the baby is born.

By keeping it in bed with them for a time, the parents can infuse them with their own scents, making them an even more effective comforter later on when the baby is born. It’s not uncommon for friends or family to pool some money together and buy one or two more expensive gifts for a baby shower. Good choices here are our Play Mats or Stroller Bags. The style of the play mats make them feel right at home not just in the nursery but in any room of the house really, and the large size makes them suitable as a mat for many years after infancy. A long lasting present to say the least.

These and a few other are our top picks as gifts for baby shower.

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Bamboo Muslin Blanket - Embedding Bloom Petrol

The Gilded Garden


Organizer - Brilliant Black

Escape the Ordinary


Pearl Velvet Blanket - Dots of Fauna

with logotype est. 2005


Hooded Towel - Dots of Fauna Kitty

The Gilded Garden


Blinkie - Bo

Le Petit Parisien