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Gift for a one year old

Best Gifts for One-Year-Olds A toddlers first birthday is a lively occasion, and so much fun both to attend and organize. But if you are going to one, what is a good gift for a one year old? We have a few suggestions. Bibs are the best! When you turn one you’re probably already eating by yourself and usually with

more food going on your clothes than in your mouth. So a stylish bib to protect the party outfit will certainly be appreciated by the parents, and the smooth fit of Elodie Detail’s bibs will be appreciated by the toddler. But is a bib really a worthy gift? Well, have a look at the ones in our assortment and decide for yourselves. We think so! Another great gift for a one year old is their first very own backpack. The birthday boy or girl is either already up walking or about to start. And once you’re walking, you can carry a pack. We’re sure you’ve all at one time or another seen a toddler play the “Pack and then unpack game”. They can spend hours doing only that. The magnetic lock on them is another favourite play thing for the youngest ones. We guarantee that our BackPack MINI will be a very appreciated gift by parents and child alike. If you want to go big, why not include a matching thermos for picnics and adventures? Another great gift for a toddler.

If you are a group of people buying a larger gift, we recommend the Stockholm Stroller. With a multitude of features it combines comfort for the child and functionality for the parents. It is right around the time they turn one that this type of stroller can be really good to have as an alternative. The child will want to alternate a lot between walking by themselves and riding in it. So a compact and easily accessible stroller is perfect. And with it’s amazing design features, no other stroller is more suited as a gift for a one year old than the Stockholm Stroller.

Lastly we’d like to recommend you take a look in our section “Exclusive collection” where you’ll find truly unique items that are perfect as gifts for a toddler.

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