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Gift for parents

No experience in life is greater than becoming a mom or dad. Be it the first or the fifth time, the feeling is always amazing. We believe being a parent is worth celebrating, not just on mothers day of fathers day, but always. But clever gifts for people in their capacity as moms or dads are not always easy to figure out. But you’ll find plenty of good options in Elodie Details’ range.

The most “adult” present we have is probably our scented candle. It’s made with 100% soy wax that release practically no soot or particles at all in to the air, something that we know parents of young children will appreciate. We call it “Lullaby” because it really does feel like a lullaby for the senses. Especially after a long hard day of play. Calm and serenity is something most parents long for, but that is difficult to present as a gift. This right here comes close.

Or, why not give them a stylish bag? Yes, we call our bags Diaper Bags but they are certainly not limited to that use. They are equally great as work bag, gym bag, weekend bag or even “night-on-the-town bag”. Multi-use is the name of the game these days, and here’s a gift that honours the receiver both as a parent and as a sensible person of good taste.

Other good ideas include a pair of practical and discrete stroller mittens for cold days, the stroller Organizer (also perfect as a make-up gear box after the toddler years), and other neat little storage beauties like the Zip & Go or the StoreMyStuff.

But honestly anything in our assortment can be considered a gift to the parent as much as the child. It’s always the aesthetics and tastes of adults that’s at the foreground when we develop our products and design collections. We think all parents deserve to be surrounded by nice things – always!

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