Best Gifts for Two-Year-Olds

Finding the right gift for a two-year-old can be tricky. By now they usually have a room full of toys and a closet full of clothes. But one more soft toy can’t hurt right? Check out our Bunnies and Blinkies, the cutest ones around.

With a room full of toys (many of them rather ugly plastic ones unfortunately), a way to make clearing them away quick and easy is a good idea. With this in mind we developed the StoreMyStuff. A sturdy yet pretty storage basket that’s a perfect gift for a two year old (or perhaps really the parents of a two year old). Matching Bedding Sets and Play Mats are available if you want to really spoil them. But remember not to stuff the Elodie Details Bunny in there. They belong in the spotlight on a shelf or bed.

Two-year-old kids want to dress themselves, don’t they? We have a unique little product that let’s them do just that, but without any fuss or conflicts over which clothes to wear. With StyleMyWeek you can pick out the clothes for the week in pretty little pouches, one for each day of the week. And they come packed in a nice nice gift pack which makes them even more perfect as the present for kids who already have everything.

Last but not least, for a truly special gift for a two-yea-old, check out our section “Exclusive Collection”.