Our History

The company Elodie Details was formed in Stockholm in 2006 by Linda Sätterström , around the time her daughter (named Elodie) was born. Back then the market for well-designed baby clothes was already booming, but the accompanying accessories and "necessities" where still as conventional and boring as ever. Nothing but printed sail boats and teddy bears. In true DIY-spirit, Linda created her own pacifier clips and soon began supplying them to local retailers.

An idea formed that a pacifier clip was more than just a way to keep pacifiers from getting thrown about. They could also be an accessory, and something to be seen and admired. The idea really struck a note with consumers, first in our native Scandinavia, and then all over Europe. More products where added, and today the brand incorporates a wide variety of baby products, everything from pacifiers to strollers.

Ten years after establishing the brand, Linda is still the CEO and chief designer behind the brand.

- There are still many products for babies and toddlers where design does not seem to be of any importance to the producers. We don’t see why that needs to be. You don’t stop caring about design when you become a parent, do you? Elodie Details will continue to search out and improve these product areas, Linda says. 

Parents all over the world seem to agree, as Elodie Details' products are today sold in 35 countries on all 5 continents. The numbers grow each day as more and more people join us in making our children's world a prettier place.