Babies and toddlers are not exactly the most careful consumer groups out there. Things are often tested to the limit of their capacity. Bad stitching will inevitably get pulled apart. So, creating quality products is pretty much necessary if you want to be successful in this business. But quality is also extremely important for reaching sustainability. Any product that gets replaced due to it breaking has immediately doubled its environmental impact. Any product that finds a second owner has cut its environmental impact in half.

For these reasons, we at Elodie are incredibly committed to high quality. Since we develop most of our products from scratch, we can control every aspect of it, rather than relying on readymade components.

We almost never place a repeat order on a product without making some slight adjustment in the way it is produced. It can be anything from adding more seam allowance or using a thicker sewing thread, to adjustments in packaging that reduce the wear and tear in transport. We constantly listen to our customers and learn from their experiences with our products.