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Doodlespot | Elodie Details

13 Juni, 2019 

This years’ spring collection is all about celebrating kids’ creativity. A tribute to the naive yet wonderfully expressive ways in which children conceive and interpret the world.

When launching our SS19 collection Atelier Dreams we collaborated with Doodlespot. An amazing app that celebrate and encourage children’s creativity in the best possible way. Taking the drawing and turning it in to a contemporary art piece ready to hang on the wall.

We sat down with Fredrik Nyström, who founded Doodlespot together with Stefan Persson, to talk about the app and the idea behind it. Psst... At the bottom of this article you will find a unique offer!

 Tell us about the app. 

- With doodlespot, you digitize, save and organise your child’s drawings – free of charge. Then it’s easy (and fun!) to create unique and striking artworks for the living room, children’s room, or as the perfect gift to someone you like.

When did you first get the idea for the app?

I got the idea five years ago when I went through some of my old drawings saved by my parents. I thought this must be managed in a better, more modern way.

Why do you think children’s creativity is so important to encourage?

Confirming children’s creativity contributes to a better self-confidence, which gives them better opportunities later in life.


What part has creativity played in your life (personal development)?

It has given me more opportunities to express myself and handle various challenges in a sustainable way.

What is the best part about children’s art?

It´s real, from the heart.

Right now, you get 20% discount at Doodlespot with the code ElodieDetails20.

We have also sneaked down a secret gift in your order (while supplies last)… Let the creativity flow!



Check out their social media channels for plenty of colourful inspiration!