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Gift Wrapping

Gift Wrapping | Elodie Details

Great gifts and how to wrap them up nicely!

Wrapping gifts is something you either find miserably boring, or absolutely LOVE and think of as a fun way of showing of your creativity. OK, maybe there are some in-betweens, but I’m definitely one that loves it, even though it’s not always easy. Not to worry though, I’m here to help. Here are some of my favourite wrapping tips right now;

1. Don’t tie ribbons. Paint ribbons! Use water colours or just a plain old magic marker. The fastest and coolest way to do it.

2. Here’s something the young ones will enjoy. Fold down the paper on the short end to form a pointy “nose” (as shown in the photo below) and add eyes. Then glue on sticks, pipe cleaners or whatever to form little ears or horns. Super Cute!

3. Wrap presents in wrinkled butter paper or old newspaper. Very vintage, very trendy.

4. Tie on piece of ginger bread as an extra treat and to get a christmasy scent

5. The easiest and probably most effective tip though is to stick a small twig of Fir or Sprouse under the ribbons for that lovely holiday scent and spirit.

And as a rule of thumb of course, no store-bought cards. Regardless of what’s in the gift, it’s the thought that matters, and the card and wrapping is what signals thought.
But sure, what’s in the box is important too. I’ve set up a subcategory on our website with some of the item I think make the best presents this year. Check it out!

My favourite item right now is our brand new mini Thermos. Just the right size for a child to handle, amazing prints that match our BackPack MINIs, and really high quality. And hey, they are also perfect for bringing just one cup of hot coffee in your hand bag. I guarantee you it will not leak.

Good Luck with your Christmas shopping!
/ Linda