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  • Halloween for your little BOO!
Halloween for your little BOO!

Dressing your toddler for Halloween

Circus hat DIY

Dressing your toddler for Halloween can be tricky. You don’t want to accidentally traumatize them if they happen to look in the mirror 😉

But don’t you worry. Halloween isn’t all about the scary stuff. Focus on the fun instead. With our Happiness is Born collection you can get your toddler ready for Halloween in no time! Your youngest can be a wild lion with a Sweet Honey Harry pacifier or Hooded Towel. An older sibling could be the Lion tamer with a top hat and the Golden Grey Bib. Or with the right DryBib and a little DIY you’ve got one cute prima ballerina. To get you going, here is are easy to follow instructions for you to make your own little circus hat.

What you need:

Coloured Paper
Scissors Ribbons
Glue Ball of yarn or tissue paper

How to make it:

1. Cut out approximately one third of a circle like the image below with a cut out at the top. While doing this leave a piece of extra paper on the edge for assembly.

2. Roll the cut-out paper into a cornet and use the extra piece of paper to glue it together.

3. Use the scissors to make 2 holes across the corners. Pull a piece of ribbon through each hole and secure by tying a knot at the ends inside of the hat. This way you can easily secure the hat on your child’s head with a nice bow.

4. Use the whole at the top to attach a ball of yarn or tissue paper. Decorate as you see fit with paper dots, more ribbons, tissue paper or paint. It’s fun and easy!