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Leather Week - Tärnsjö Tannery

Leather week - Tärnsjö Garveri - Elodie Details

Authentic, pure craftmanship and sustainable methods.

9 nov, 2017

Near the city of Uppsala, and about 130 kilometres from the Elodie headquarters in Stockholm, you can find the small rural township of Tärnsjö. Around 1200 people live here among the lakes, forests and grazing pastures, and about 50 of them are employed by the unique tannery that’s been around in the same place for nearly 150 years. Working in a business that over the years has been more and more industrialized, Tärnsjö have maintained many aspects of the authentic craftsmanship that goes in to producing quality leather works. In 1993 they even started their own school to educate new tanners and saddle makers, and to preserve as many of the time-tested methods of the craft as possible. Today they are one of only three tanneries still active in Sweden.

The Tärnsjö tannery is among the remaining 5% of tanning houses worldwide who still employ the centuries old tradition of vegetable tanning, where water and natural bark extracts are used in the process of curating and refining hides in to leather. Their many environmental initiatives have earned them an OCS-certificate, Organic Content Standard. Tärnsjö is the only tannery in the world with this certificate.

Another important aspect of their production method is that they only use hides that are bi-products from local meat production. This means that no animals are raised solely for their hides, and it also enables Tärnsjö to trace every single leather product back to the farm where the animal was bred.
Usually a farm very nearby.

In 2015 we at Elodie visited Tärnsjö and fell in love, not only with the beautiful surroundings, but even more so in the proud way they hold on to authenticity, pure craftsmanship and sustainable methods. Their high aspirations have inspired not only us but countless other companies around the world to move in the same direction.  

Tärnsjö started production of hand sewn leather pacifier clips for Elodie Details’ premium segment “Exclusive Collection” in early 2015. We are understandably proud to count them among our suppliers, as the products they make are not only statements of environmental consideration, they are also among the very highest quality available. Unique products that we can all be proud of.

Visit Tärnsjö Garveri

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