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The Evolution of a Stroller Bag

The Evolution of a Stroller Bag | Elodie Details

My pride and joy!

There’s probably no other product in Elodie Details’ range that I am more proud of. The journey that our Stroller Bags have made has been astounding, especially from my personal perspective. Did you know that the first 50 or so were sewn by me, at my kitchen table back in 2006? It was a camouflage version with pink or blue lining, very trendy at the time.

Pretty crazy to think about that now, when every day I can see our Stroller Bags in beautiful Instagram posts from all over the world. Since that first little kitchen batch we’ve never stopped improving on them. On each of the 11 yearly launches we’ve made so far, we’ve added new features, better materials, improved details or increased quality. In my expert opinion, they are without a doubt the most well developed on the market today. We’ve made them Oeko-Tex certified to guarantee none of the components used contain any hazardous substances. We’ve developed a combination of panel sewing and carefully selected genuine fake down padding that makes them machine washable not just once, but many times over. And most recently, we’ve been able to add RUDOLF Bionic Finish® - a surface coating technique that mimic the way nature makes things water resistant, and doesn’t require any PVC, phthalates or other potentially harmful substances. Very high tech, and something we’re very proud of. I sometimes get asked by customers if they should go for our classic model, or the light weight down version. They are quite similar, as the warming properties are pretty much the same and they withstand wind and snow equally well. What sets the down version apart is that it is more light weight, can be stored in a smaller pouch and is lined with a thinner microjersey fabric. So, my advice is usually to go with your gut feeling. What does your eye and heart tell you?I’m also really happy about second-hand value our Stroller Bags have. It is a stated ambition that none of our stroller bags should be used for less than three children. And when you look at what five-year-old Elodie Details Stroller Bags are being sold for second hand these days, I feel we’re pretty close to reaching that goal. I want all our products to have a low PPU (price per usage), and the Stroller Bag is one of our shining stars in that ambition. More use out of every product means fewer produced and thereby less environmental impact. It requires high quality, and high quality requires lots of development. With the countless hours of effort I myself have put in to our Stroller Bags’ style, quality and design, it’s easy to become emotionally invested. They still manage to stir up my emotions quite often. Whether it’s happiness when they win best-in-test awards, pride in seeing them used all over the world, or frustration when our brilliant manufacturer can’t find that exact shade of faux fur lining I wanted. They are, and will remain, my pride and joy.

/ Linda (proud inventor of the world’s finest stroller bag)

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