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Stroller Week

Stroller Week | Elodie Details

Traveling with a toddler

February 22, 2018

Traveling with toddlers is a fun and rewarding experience, if you remember to put your worries away before leaving. Remember that, as long as your kid has food, water and a loving embrace nearby, they have all they need. You’ll be surprised how fast the little ones adapt and accept new circumstances and surroundings. They are after all tiny explorers at heart. 

Regardless if your transportation is by car, train, boat or plane, a smaller stroller than the one you use at home will probably be needed. Preferably one that folds down quick and easy, doesn’t take up much space when folded, is light weight, handles smoothly on all surfaces (beach, cobble stone or indoors), has a storage compartment (shopping is essential on vacations), and has full sleeping position (you’ll be spending a lot of time outdoors). Can all those features be combined in one stroller? Probably not, but you can come close. So if you’re looking to get one, try figuring out what features you don’t actually find essential. Our Stockholm Stroller has most of these advantages, plus the neat “Papparazzi-canopy” that creates a shielded sleeping environment and additional sun protection. It has larger wheels than most other strollers, giving it a smoother ride on most surfaces. The one-hand grip makes it very easy to fold, and we include a specially adapted traveling bag for easy check in at the airport.
All that is great, but what really sets it apart is it’s style and attention to little details such as the leather handle bars. Vacations are all about pampering yourselves and feeling good. Traveling in style is a good way to start. Happy travels!