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The Gilded Garden

The Gilded Garden | Elodie Details

Where did we find the Gilded Garden?

The Gilded Garden is the name of Elodie Details Spring 2018 Collection. As the name suggests it is filled to the brim with botanical creations and growing things. We spoke with founder and Creative Director Linda Sätterström about how this collection came about.

Where did the ideas for this new collection come from?
- The starting point for this collection I guess was the books my mother used to read to me when I was little. Old picture books that had been part of her childhood. Particularly the works of illustrator Elsa Beskow; “The Flower’s Festival” and “Thumbelina” among others. Her illustrations are so incredibly rich in colours, yet they are still soft and gentle. And they use an abundance of flowers, grass and leaves that surround the children of the stories in almost magical ways. I used to look at them for hours, and I felt that I wanted to create something that could inspire a similar sense of harmony and wonder. Someone has said that “gardening is the slowest of the performing arts” and I really like that saying. I think everyone should take the time to plant a seed, any seed, with their kids and then watch the slow magic happen. So that’s where the name comes from.

This Collection has a mix of new designs and familiar patterns, how do you decide what stays in or not?
- The most important thing to consider is how new and old prints interact with one another. We released “Petit Botanic” in the Fall of 2017. It’s a popular print that was easy to adapt to the products in the Spring assortment. And it obviously went great with the botanical theme I wanted for this collection. Using its design and colour scheme as a base we created accompanying styles such as Embedding Bloom and Gold Shimmer, that are softer in their expression yet works great together with both Petit Botanic and the other carry-over colours and patterns in our range.  

What else is new in this Gilded Garden?
- Well, one new concept that was a lot of fun working on is the “grandness” of the Embedding Bloom items. The Baby Bib as an example resembles a whole Anemone flower, and so does the Sun Hat and DryBib. It was tricky getting this right in production but really worth the extra effort. And there are of course some brand new products in there that I think will be very appreciated. Like the Changing Pad Covers that fit so well with our upcycling ambitions.

Any personal favourites from this collection?
- I’m in love with ”StyleMyWeek”. I hang them from one of those pretty wooden strips with hooks that are so in right now. Every Sunday my daughter and I decide the different outfits for the week and fill the bags. It’s a fun activity and it saves us a lot of time (and fuzzing) in the mornings.
My favourite styling combo right now is mixing vintage wooden furniture with the Petit Botanic prints. That’s a really great look.
And I’m really proud of the new Embedding Bloom PlayMats. So unique and so gorgeous. Definitely something worth keeping around even when the toddler years are over.