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TINA VEGA WILSON | Elodie Details

6th january, 2019

Elodie Details commitment to sustainability is tightly linked to our creative nature and DIY-heritage. We obviously work to ensure that our production methods and materials have as little environmental impact as possible, but what we are really passionate about are initiatives like Upcycling and Buy Less. A real source of inspiration here is Tina Vega Wilson. We spoke about what sustainability means to her, and how you can go about creating your own “slow lifestyle”.

- Who is Tina Vega-Wilson?

I’m a nature loving mom of 3 addicted to all things creative and beautiful living in the countryside of Lower Austria about 1 hour from Vienna.

I’m the creator, writer and photographer behind the Blog “titantinas ideen” which is focused on family life, sustainability and DIY/Upcycling.

- What inspires you?

There are so many ways to get inspired. First, the unique beauty of nature, where we spend the major part of our leisure time, has played a big role in my life since my daughter was born 9 years ago. I try to see the beauty that lies in the details, so I have always wanted to make an effort in keeping it simple. I get inspired by so many different things that surround us, like a nice wildflower at the side of the path which instantly makes me think of working on a new embroidery project or getting crafty with the kids by nature DIYs which I love the most, as well as upcycling old garments. On the other hand, I also love to peek through my Pinterest feed, so digital media also has a great impact on my creativity.

- How did you first get into the slow lifestyle & sustainable fashion

After a tough and challenging phase in my life I realized I had to make a change. I had been pushing myself forward constantly but then I reached a point which made me think and review what happened and what exactly led to this state of exhaustion. For me, the idea of reduction, not only mentally but also physically, and the idea of trying to live more consciously came closer. I first got into sustainable fashion later on when my third child was born. I realized that a major part of the baby clothes of my second son were in a miserable state, due to low quality. This was the reason why I tried something new, and I decided to invest in high quality organic pieces that would last for a lifetime. 

- What is your best tip for parents wanting to live more sustainable?
Try to start with an idea you can put into practice easily and without too much effort, for example buying less clothes, recycle the old ones instead or even shop them second hand. Shop small and local. Using reusable glass containers or mason jars instead of plastic storages is an easy way to start living a sustainable life.  Keep in mind that you can do that on a low budget as well. You don’t need to invest in pricey pieces because you can get creative all by yourself, and the best part, kids love to be a part of it!

 -Describe how you would spend the perfect Sunday.
Sundays are for family trips! We would probably explore nature with our old VW van! Depending on the season, we love to have a picnic in the wilderness, either in the woods, the vineyards or we go out to see new sites as well. Nothing more relaxing than nature, it’s adventurous and chilled at the same time when we just go outside, find a beautiful spot for a rest, sling the big hammock and explore nature.

You can follow Tina on @titantinas_ideen or visit her blog here to get more peaks of her lifestyle, and hopefully get inspired.