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What is Merino Wool?

Merino Wool | Elodie Details

Material qualities and benefits

As those of you who have followed us for a while know, at Elodie we love head gear. Over the years we’ve made a lot of different Caps, Beanies and SunHats. But until recently we’d never made one in wool. With the cold winters of our Scandinavian heritage, it was about time, and we chose to go with 100% luxurious Merino Wool (guaranteed to be from mulesing free sheep).

The ultra-fine fibres of Merino wool insulate and traps your body heat like no other material. Making it ideal for head gear, because as your mother no doubt must have told you, that’s where we lose most heat. So, for cold climate you can find nothing better. Another great feature of Merino wool is its moisture transporting abilities. By something called capillary action, the wool draws moisture away from the skin and out to the surface where it is evaporated. Staying dry is the best way to stay warm. Add to this that Merino wool has anti-bacterial properties that make it feel fresh and clean for a really long time, and you have what must be considered the ideal material for head gear.

Some might argue that kids don’t like wool clothing because it’s itchy. But with modern production techniques this is no longer the case. Just to be on the safe side though, we’ve lined ours with a super soft single cotton jersey.

As an added bonus, the logo patch on Elodie Details’ wool caps are made with a reflexive material that reflect any light cast on them. A little safety feature that we’re sure many of you living up north will appreciate.

We’ve initially made these fine wool caps in three light colour nuances, perfectly matched to the patterns and colour scheme of our 2017 fall collection “Escape the Ordinary”

Did you know that the head circumference of a three-year-old is usually the same as an average adult? So, don’t hesitate to get a matching one for yourself. Matching head gear with your kids is always awesome!

Stay warm!