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  • Why does vegan leather belong in your closet?

Why does vegan leather belong in your closet? | Elodie Details

The short answer is that it looks good, is cruelty-free and climate friendly. We chose to work with vegan leather to create our new Aviator inspired series from the Autumn/Winter collection Le Petit Parisien. Let’s talk for a bit about what vegan leather is and why is belongs in our closet.

Vegan leather is a versatile material that is increasing in popularity, and frequently being used by designers globally. Praised for being a sustainable choice, it is utilized to achieve an authentic leather look in an ethical manner. The material is often made of polyurethane, a polymer that can be made to order in a variety of forms. It can also be produced from innovative or organic materials such as pineapple leaves, cork, apple peels, fruit waste and recycled plastic bottles.

Check out the recently launched Aviator inspired, 100% vegan leather footmuff, cap and matching mittens!


Åkpåse - Aviator Black

Le petit parisien

1 499,00 kr

Mössa - Aviator Black

Le petit parisien

399,00 kr

Vantar - Aviator Black 0-12m

Le petit parisien

199,00 kr

Vantar - Aviator Black 1-3yr

Le petit parisien

249,00 kr