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A Blinky doesn’t happen in the blink of an eye - ED Stories

A Blinky doesn’t happen in the blink of an eye
14 nov, 2017

For years now we’ve been asked over and over why we don’t have one of those traditional comforters in our assortment. From Korea to Belgium, everyone seems to want one. I’ve personally always found them to be rather silly, and the material seems to always have a rather unpleasantly plastic feel. But after a lot of idea work, brooding and testing back and forth with the help of our fantastically patient manufacturers, we finally managed to produce one in pure cotton. One that we also found to be cute “for real”. Yay!
To be honest, we tend to drive our production partners crazy with our constant need for perfection on everything. Thread-quality, softness of padding, needle work and colour nuances, they all need to match the idea we originally had for a product to make it to you, the end consumer. But our partners are patient and creative, just like us. So even if it sometimes takes a while, we usually get what we’re looking for in the end.

We’ve named this new creation “Blinkies” for obvious reasons. The character names are Bonnie, Belle and Bo and they arrive now just in time for Christmas, kind of like the three wise men. 😉
Great gifts for any child, from new born to three years old.

Season´s Greetings!
/ Linda

Blinkie - Belle

249,00 kr

Blinkie - Bo

249,00 kr