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Car Seat Overall | Elodie Details

What is a Car Seat Overall?

…and why do you need one? Well, if you’re one of the many parents who’ve invested in a pram where a car seat can clip on and off the frame, it’s definitely the thing for you. These smart pram designs have been around for a while, but we’re seeing more and more of them now, and it’s easy to see why. They eliminate the need to bring the whole pram on shorter trips like to the supermarket. Or if your baby’s fallen asleep in the car, no need to wake them. You just transfer the car seat to the pram. Very, very convenient. But this new invention also created a new demand amongst consumers. As one of the leading manufacturers of stroller bags, we wanted to listen to our customers and meet that demand. In our product developing process, we always ask ourselves - is there a way to add additional value to a new product, or create multi-purpose products. With this development, the answer was a clear yes. By adding a set of clever zippers at the bottom of the overall, you’re able to merge the legs together, thereby creating a small sized stroller bag instead. One that fits well in compact prams or maybe even a snow sledge if you’re feeling adventurous. With the legs separated again, it fits not just in a car seat, but equally well in a baby carrier or a baby bicycle seat. It’s perfect for any mode of transport on a cold day really.

We at Elodie Details love multi-features and re-use, and this new product is one of our finest ways to show it. We hope you agree!

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