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Get organized, Marie Kondo-style

Get organized, Marie Kondo-style | Elodie Details

We all have a vision of a nice and tidy baby nest — but it can be a struggle to get there, or even know where to start. Especially since baby essentials like socks, washcloths and diapers are quite tiny and difficult to keep track of. To help you get organized, we’ve embraced Marie Kondo’s method and gathered some tips and tricks to share.  Just note, it’s going to get worse before it gets better.
Let’s get started!


Select a category. It could be clothes, toys or anything that needs a refresh. Start by pulling everything out of its drawers and boxes and place it all on your bed or even on the floor. The trick is then to come up with new pairings and sort the items in a helpful way. It could be by size or colour — anything that makes sense and minimizes your time spent looking for lost treasures. It’s a quite simple trick, but it works like magic. In the end your baby’s drawer will be a true work of art.


Every item you own needs a dedicated place where it’s always stored. It’s a slippery slope when you start buying new things without giving them a proper home, and we all know that feeling of an over-cluttered baby nest. Keep it simple and prioritize — place all things used daily somewhere easily accessible, and the stuff that’s used less often can be stored a bit more inaccessible.


Tidying bits and pieces here and there can make a slight difference, but it will get messy again in a minute. If your goal is to maintain a peaceful baby room, the best thing is to organize an entire room or closet in one go — taking the time to arrange and only keep what you genuinely need. Having some trouble getting rid of things? Try Marie Kondo’s trick of asking yourself if the item spark joy?If the answer is no, you might want to consider letting it go.

To help you stay organized, Marie advises you to have joyful boxes — and we couldn’t agree more. All the small and adorable baby things deserve to be placed in boxes that just feel joyous. Luckily our home range fits perfectly with Marie's vision for organizing.



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