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Barnvagnsmarschen 2018!

Barnvagnsmarschen 2018! | Elodie Details

For everyone´s right to survive their pregnancy!

Barnvagnsmarschen (literal translation: The stroller march) is a yearly manifestation in places all over Sweden, raising awareness about the heartbreakingly high number of women all over the world that do not survive their pregnancy. It aims to educate the public on the fact that every day more than 1 000 women are dying from pregnancy-related complications. A number that could be significantly reduced through international efforts such as the right to have an abortion, access to contraception, sexuality education, and educated health providers.

Every year a designer is asked to create a print for a stroller rain cover for this occasion, and 2018 this honour was given to Elodie Details. We proudly and enthusiastically accepted. The print we’ve created is called Wa Wa Woomb, and as the name suggests it’s a tribute to one of the human body’s most amazing and sacred places.

- "I wanted an artistic expression of what this manifestation is really all about", says Creative Director Linda Sätterström. - "A woman’s right to protect her own body and life. This is why you can probably see a clear resemblance to camouflage prints - It’s a fight! Women’s lives are so unprotected in many parts of the world and it’s just incredibly sad. So I wanted to be a bit provocative in this year’s print and include an actual womb, this beautiful and sacred thing. By using these products you can show your support for a very important cause.

It’s just sad and senseless that so many of these lives are being lost for reasons of politics. I think putting an actual womb on this print gets us closer to discussing the real issues, and I believe that’s what needs to happen."

Barnvagnsmarschen is arranged by the non-profit organisation Swedish Association for Sexuality Education (RFSU). 

Does your country have a similar manifestation to raise awareness of these important issues? If not, consider contacting RFSU department for international work for ideas on how to start organizing one!

Visit RFSU and read more.

In collaboration with RSFU, 25% of the proceeds from these products will go towards international projects that reduce maternal deaths. Support the cause!