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  • Upcycle your baby blankets to pillows
Upcycle your baby blankets to pillows

Upcycle your baby blankets to pillows | Elodie Details

Ann-Kathrin Stade has a deep passion for sustainable choices and a mindful approach to our precious environment and resources. She shares creative DIY and upcycling projects on her Instagram channel @rock.my.day, with the mission to prolong the lifespan of treasured possessions and give them a second life when their original purpose is fulfilled. She has created a DIY guide on how to make Elodie baby blankets into pillows — an inventive way to spare the planets resources by upcycling. Here we go!

You need: 

Baby blanket




Push buttons or Velcro points 

Sewing machine




For this style made with a muslin blanket, we recommend making a pillow with the dimensions of 38 x 38 cm, so you can easily create an edging.

Firstly, place the long side seams onto each other and topstitch with overhang. Then close one of the open sides and sew the seam.

Now adjust your work to the length of the pillow and fold over the edges of the open side by 2 centimetres.

Turn the work outside in and attach the zipper with the help of pins. If the zipper is shorter than the pillow side, pin the open ends and sew it up.

Finally, insert the pillow in the finished cover and enjoy your new pillow!



Cushions that measures 35 x 35 cm and 40 x 40 cm are particularly suitable for the knitted baby blankets. You don’t even need a zipper or snaps thanks to the overlap.

Lay one end of the blanket over the other, according to the cushion dimensions. Then mark the cushion dimensions at the two open ends and cut them accordingly.

Close both sides with the straight stitch of the sewing machine and stich the edges precisely to prevent the knitting stitches from coming off. Then put the pillow in the cover and you have made yourself a new pillow!



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