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We got inspired – Art Noveau

We got inspired – Art Noveau | Elodie Details

September 19, 2019

For our Autumn/Winter collection Le Petit Parisien we got inspired by the beauty of Art Noveau. The artform is characterised by its unique natural forms and structures, and particularly curved lines with plants and flowers. The style hit its peak in popularity during the turn of the last century and permeates the Parisian atmosphere in both art and architecture.

The characteristic flowing and organic illustrations of Art Noveau inspired the main pattern of our latest collection – Vintage Flower. The pattern is drawn by hand by our designer Carina Frank.

The vintage flower print can be found on a range of products, from our footmuff and overall to caps, mittens and the BackPack MINI™. The colours of the flowers are not random – all the main shades of the season are in there, to connect the different aspects of the collection.

Another key product to this theme is the new Pearl Velvet Blanket (available in vanilla white and mineral green) that drew inspiration from the classical frameworks found in old vintage posters.



Pärlsammetsfilt - Rebel Poodle Vanilla White

399,00 kr