Christening Gift & Babtism Present

When you think of Christening gifts, what comes to mind is usually silver spoons, keepsake boxes, books or picture frames. And while there is nothing wrong with going traditional, those gifts are neither very fun nor practical.

The idea is that it should be a memento, something that will last for a long time. But then why not go with something useful but with really high quality. Elodie Details has plenty of that.

One way to make the gift more personal and memorable is to have it engraved with the baby’s name. A quick internet search will give you plenty of options. A Hooded towel, A Bed Sheet or a Blanket perhaps. All perfect gifts to personalize with embroidery. If you want a gift with a little more luxury feeling, check out our section “Exclusive Collection”, where you’ll find unique items that are perfects as gifts for a christening or baptism.