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Gifts for the Baby Shower

Who doesn’t love baby showers? It’s an occasion to appreciate the mum to be, shower her with gifts and celebrate the beginning of a new little life. We have gathered some perfect baby shower gifts that will bring joy to both the new mummy and her little one.


Gifts for the Birthday

Are you having trouble picking gifts for a little one’s birthday? Perhaps you struggle with finding a present that is pretty yet practical? Well, look no further — we have listed some beautiful birthday gifts for the newborn’s, one-, two- and three-year-old’s special day.


Gifts for the Naming Ceremony

The naming ceremony is the baby’s first big event and a chance to gather all the loved ones to meet the little miracle. A christening gift is kept for years to come and something for the family to remember the beautiful ceremony. The baptism gift should be pretty yet practical, and we have made a gift guide fit for the special occasion.

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