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Care instructions



Before the pacifier is used for the first time it should sterilized. Put the pacifier in boiling water and let it boil for 5 minutes. Then leave to cool, and squeeze out any remaining water from the teat. Avoid using detergent to clean the pacifier. After sterilization you should wash it in warm running water. 

We do not recommend microwave sterilization equipment as we often have metallic details in the print. Our Exclusive Collection of gold and silver pacifiers should never be sterilized in the microwave oven as it will destroy the metallic coating.

Pacifier Clips

We do not recommend washing our pacifier clips in the washing machine or dishwasher as the clip can get caught in the machine. Wipe the band with a cloth and a little washing soap or warm water with mild detergent. Always wipe the clip dry if it gets wet. It may start to rust when in contact with liquids or moisture for an extended period of time. 

The metal clip is designed to attach to normal fabric only and should not be connected on thicker materials such as the trolley or the babysitter. The clip closing mechanism will deteriarate and eventually destroyed if used on too thick materials. 

Never attach a pacifier clip to bands, cords or other loose pieces of clothing. If you discover any wear or tear on the pacifier clip, discard it immediately for safety reasons. 

The black attachment rings are made of rubber, while the ones in other colors are made in silicone. 

Baby Bibs

After the bib has been used it can easily be washed under running water or just wiped clean. It hang dries very quickly. For more difficult or dried in stains it can be machine washed at 40 degrees. But we do recommend to clean it directly after each use to remove grease and other stains, as this keeps your bib nice for a longer time and reduces the risk of cracks in the fabric coating. The bibs are 100% PVC-free

Cotton Blankets

We generally recommend 40 degree machine wash. For our knitted cotton blankets, the best way to dry are just laid out flat, as they can lose shape when tumble dried. This also applies to our waffle blankets. Any blanket that has lost shape can be reshaped when wet and then dried again laid out flat (on a heated surface if possible). Our jersey blankets you can tumble dry on medium temperature.

Cotton is a natural material which has a tendency to shrink around 5%. We use the Oeko-tex certified and / or organic cotton. Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified cotton implies that the product reaches the human ecological requirements and is thoroughly tested for harmful substances.

Bamboo products

We offer DryBibs and blankets in this material. They only become softer and softer after each wash. Wash them in 40 degree gentle wash with mild detergent. The blankets should not be tumble dried, but can be ironed at low temperature. You should not tumble dry the DryBibs as it contains a water repelling PU membrane.

Bamboo is a natural material that absorbs water easily and is widely known for its softness.

Pearl Velvet

These blankets can and should be washed in 40 degrees machine wash. Pearl Velvet is a polyester material. It is a synthetic fiber that is warm, durable and above all very soft. It only becomes softer with each wash, but tumble drying or ironing damages the “fluffiness” of the fabric and is not recommended. 


The rabbits are made from cotton twill. This is a coarse woven cotton with a durable but soft surface. They are stuffed with polyester with a few details in cotton muslin fabric. 
To preserve the shape of the bunny, do not tumble dry, iron or bleach them. Use the 30 degree gentle wash cycle and a mild detergent (so their eyes don’t sting)
Our Bunnies follow the EN 71 standard and are CE certified.

BackPack MINI™

We offer our backpacks in oxford cotton or oxford polyester. Because we want to offer an exclusive product, we have chosen to use real leather details on the bags. Therefore, we do not recommend machine wash, as it could damage the leather details. If the backpack becomes dirty, we recommend dabbing with a lukewarm miracle cloth and a little washing soap. Pretty much any stain will disappear with this method. If the BackPack is regularly used outdoor it is recommended that it be weather proofed every now and then using an impregnation method suited to the fabric. (cotton or polyester)

Light Down Stroller Bags

The down we use is of course quality tested and approved by IDFL, the world's leading inspection for down products. 
Down is water repellent because it contains oils. To maintain this, we recommend that, if possible, aerate your sleeping bag instead of washing it. If you do wash it, we recommend the 30 degree gentle wash cycle. Wash it inside out with all the zippers and Velcro closed. Use a mild detergent, we recommend a detergent specifically for down outer garment, using only 1/3 of the care product recommendation. Do not use rinsing agent because it tends to destroy many of the downs fine qualities. Wash out one more time without detergent to ensure that no detergent remains.
Tumble dry inside out at low temperature with a few tennis balls, until it is completely dry. This may take a few hours.
For an even fluffier result, the down can be separated by hand, fluffing each panel up as a cushion when it has dried completely.
When not in use, keep it in the carrying pouch for longer durability.

Stroller Bags

We recommend a standard 40 degree machine wash. Turn the Stroller bag inside out and close all zippers and Velcro straps before washing it. Tumble dry on medium heat.
The outer fabric is made of 100% polyester (except where otherwise stated), treated with the latest ecological water and wind repellent bionic finish, a surface treatment developed by mimicking nature's own water and wind repelling abilities. The lining of the Stroller Bags is a soft polyester fleece.

The collar in imitation fur:
We recommend that you remove the collar from the stroller bag when you wash or tumble dry. This is to keep the fur as soft and fluffy as possible. Wash it separately by hand or in the machines cold delicates cycle. Use fabric softener and a mild detergent. Shake it out to remove excess water and then let it hang dry. Some precipitation of fibers from the fur collar may occur. 

Diaper Bags

We produce our diaper bags in either oxford cotton or polyester oxford. Most of the bags have details in real leather, meaning that machine washing is not recommended. If the diaper bag gets dirty, it is easy to dab with a lukewarm miracle cloth and a little washing soap. This method will remove most stains. The Diaper Bags in cotton have a different absorption capacity and are therefore more susceptible to staining. If you are looking for an easier maintenance bag we recommended one with oxford polyester outer fabric. These are slightly easier to wipe clean. 


Very low and easy maintenance. 

40 degrees machine wash as many times as you like with its durable and resistant polyester. Hang dries quickly. 

Winter Beanies

Wash the beanie inside out at 40 degrees machine wash. Tumble dry in medium heat or hang dry.

The Beanie is made from a soft cotton / modal mix with 8% spandex to get a nice and comfortable fit on your baby's head. Modal and cotton are natural materials derived from plant fibers. Modal is an extra soft fabric with rayon fiber made from wood cellulose. 


Machine wash the cap at 40 degrees, turning it inside out and closing the Velcro strap before putting it into the washing machine. Tumble dry inside out on medium heat. 
The outer fabric is made of 100% polyester, treated with the latest ecological water- and wind-repellent layer "Bionic finish". A surface treatment developed by mimicking nature's water and wind repelling abilities. The cap is lined with a soft fleece fabric.


We recommend 40 degrees machine wash for the mittens. Close zippers and Velcro before washing. Tumble dry on medium heat. Our gloves are made with a polyester fabric that is coated with “Bionic finish”, a surface treatment developed by mimicking nature's water and wind repelling abilities. 

Rain Cover

We recommend 40 degree machine washing or wiping clean by hand. Always hang dry. Always make sure that the rain cover is completely dry before it is placed back into the storage bag. Made of durable and resistant polyester.


All Cosy-Cushion™ are reversible and have a back side with a smooth polyester surface. Polyester is a warmer material which makes this soft side better suited to use in cold weather. The opposite side is made with peachad polyester or cotton for a soft and comfortable surface to sit on. Should preferably be wiped clean but can also be washed at 40 degree gentle wash.  

Crib Bedding Set

Made of 100% cotton percale. Cotton percale is a medium weave fabric perfect for sheets that provide a soft and temperature regulating feel against your baby's soft skin. Turn the sheets inside out and close all the buttons before washing in 40 degree machine wash. Tumble dry on medium heat or hang to dry after washing. We recommend using a mild detergent and fabric softener.


We recommend surface washing on this product, but it can also be dry cleaned. Store My Stuff is made of 100% cotton with a paper membrane inside to provide sturdyness. This membrane is the reason why it should not be machine washed. Some models also have handles in genuine leather, not suitable for machine washing.
We use the Oeko-tex certified and / or organic cotton. Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified cotton implies that the product reaches the human ecological requirements and is thoroughly tested for harmful substances.

Hooded Towels

Made in high quality terry cloth cotton and velour. We recommend 40 degrees machine wash. Using fabric softener is recommended as it keeps the velour softer for longer. Tumble dry on medium heat. 

Play Mats

These are made of 100% cotton with a soft polyester filling. We recommend a 40 degree gentle wash cycle and a mild detergent. Take it out straight from the washing machine to hang dry to avoid losing shape. Can also be ironed at meduim heat. Our play mats are Oeko-Tex certified.

Musical Mobiles

Our fine musical toys are hand printed and hand-made. Each toy is unique and slight variations occur. It is made of 100% cotton and the padding is filled with 100% polyester. It complies with EN 71 and CE standards. If they become dirty, we recommend gently wiping it clean with a lukewarm cloth. Be careful not to damage the printing.

Stockholm Stroller

The fabrics can be removed, but as it contains hard elements that cannot be removed, machine washing is not recommended as it could damage the washer. Keeping the fabric fresh and clean is best done using a miracle cloth and a mild detergent. Regular wet wipes have also proven to be rather effective on the particular type of polyester weave we use on our strollers.

We have available most parts of the stroller for replacement upon an approved claim. 


For safety and hygienic reasons, always clean the thermos by hand with mild detergent before first use. Only hand-wash the thermos. Never clean the thermos in the dishwasher. Clean the thermos with warm water and mild detergent. Rinse thoroughly in warm water. Never overfill the thermos; warm beverages can burn the user. Minor leakage might occur, ensure therefore that the flask is stored in an upright position when it is filled. Never use the thermos in a microwave oven or oven. Never store the thermos in the freezer. Never store dry ice or carbonated drinks in the thermos, as the pressure might cause the lid to blow off. The lid should always be closed tightly when the thermos is filled. – Never use detergent containing chloride when cleaning the thermos. To avoid scalding, always pour the contents of the thermos into a cup, and never drink directly from the flask. Store out of reach of children when the thermos is filled with warm beverage.


Machine wash cold, with mild detergent. Air dry. Do not bleach. Do not iron blinkies. Do not tumble dry. Do not dry-clean. Before you give this product to a child, ensure you have removed all labels and safety pins. Safety standard EN-71. 


Dry-clean only. Wipe off the pouches with a damp cloth when needed. The pouches feature leather details and should therefore not be machine-washed. The pouches are OEKO tex certified. 

Changing pad covers

The changing pad covers are OEKO tex certified. The changing pad covers should be washed separately the first few times, then the changing pad covers can be washed with similar colours. Never use detergent containing bleach. Do not use softener. Remove from laundry machine at the end of the washing cycle and reshape the damp changing pad cover. Keep away from fire. 

Scented candles

Exclusive hand-made scented candle in 100 % natural soy wax. Soy wax is a more environmentally friendly alternative to oil-based paraffin candles. They have a significantly longer burn-time and are basically soot free, which creates a healthier indoor environment. The candle is made from carefully selected essential oils in which notes of lily and vanilla are mixed with sandalwood. The scent creates ambiance, relaxation and an overall sense of delight, perfect for moments of serenity. Burn-time up to 40h.