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In a world that is warming too fast and where 15-year-olds knows better than some world leaders, we all have a responsibility to reflect on what we can do to help. At Elodie we believe in the mission of slowing down consumption. We want to end low quality products and fast-fashion trends, to instead focus on Upcycling. To us this means providing high quality and multi-functional products, encouraging second hand selling and buying, DIY-projects and other creative ways of extending a product’s lifecycle to its fullest!

On the following pages you can learn more about the different approaches we take to Upcycling. You will also find information on our production methods that play a huge part in our quest to decrease GHG-emissions and slow down the use of our planet’s resources.

For questions regarding our sustainability work and production, please email us on info@elodiedetails.se.

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