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Baby Accessories

This segment features those little essentials of everyday Baby life we all need. We treat these items a little differently and transform them in to things that can really brighten up your day.

It’s here you’ll find our flagship product – the Pacifier Clips. The DYI-project that got the brand started back in 2005.

Through the years we’ve added many more products. Some have come and gone, others we’ve kept refining over and over so that their quality today is unmatched. Like our Baby Bibs with it’s incredible Quick-Dry material. Or the DryBibs, where a water repelling membrane ensures zero saliva gets on your child’s sensitive skin. We will continue to refine these pacifiers, pacifier clips, blankets, bibs and much more. And we will add new ones in the years to come. We hope you and your family will enjoy using them as much as we love creating them.