Guide to BELGRADE with Katarina Sharon

Photographer and Art Director Katarina Sharon (@katarinasharon) takes us on a tour of her hometown Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. Find the perfect spots for coffee, shopping, and sightseeing with the kids.


1. The best time to visit Belgrade?

Spring! Belgrade is especially magical when trees are starting to blossom and town is bathing in new energy. My favorite part of the city Dorćol is in full bloom in the springtime and I love to just roam the streets for hours.

2. One reason why you love Belgrade?

Although I travel a lot, I have yet to visit a place with similar energy. It can be gentle and rough like no other city! Belgrade’s like a teenager trying to find its place in the sun, but also a wise old man full of history. It is truly unique!

3.    Favorite places for lunch/coffee with family?

For lunch, I’d choose Communale, a restaurant located on the Sava river promenade. This restaurant was recently awarded a Michelin star and you just can’t go wrong there. However, my favorite pasta dish is at the small family restaurant Tratoria di Pepe, in the heart of the city.

I like my coffee with a side of good chocolate in a small bar called Valentina i Karanfil, or at a brunch place called Bloom.

4.    Favourite stores for weekend shopping?

In Kralja Petra Street, there are several shops with clothing from local designers that I always like to visit and see what's new. I can’t single out only one really.

5.    Do you have a favorite park or a playground?

For a walk with kids, I always choose the Sava promenade, because my older son loves the submarine on the playground there. If we go by car, then I like to visit the playground near the Museum of Modern Art.

6. What not to miss in Belgrade?

A walk along Kalemegdan before sunset. Although this is the number one tourist destination, I'll let you in on the place where the real magic happens. Near the Ružica church there is a path that leads to the entrance of the fortress. At the highest point, find a place on the grass and have a picnic with some good wine. You will enjoy the most beautiful view of Belgrade and the place where two rivers meet.

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