At home with Mathilde Merlin

Mathilde Merlin is a French Influencer and freelance Community Manager who lives in Lille, France with her family of two sweet boys and their father. Her home is as beautiful as it is inspirational, with a charming mix of old and new, and that lovely vintage vibe throughout. We visited Mathilde in her home to get a closer look at her interior decor and kid’s room.

How has your life changed since becoming a mother?
My life has changed entirely since having kids. They are my number one priority and I’ve launched my own company to manage my schedule and be able to spend as much time as possible with them. It’s an exhausting, but happy life. Motherhood was truly a big turn for my life as a woman.

When do the kids drive you crazy?

My youngest one is only one month old, so I’m still in the honeymoon phase with him. But it’s quite the challenge to rock him while playing with my oldest, or dealing with crying and trying to work at the same time. I often find myself wishing for another pair of arms.

How would you describe your home?

My home is a happy mix and match of different styles. I mainly own vintage and antique stuff, my grandparents were the owners of an antique shop and their passion was such a big source of inspiration for my interior design. I like to think that it's a happy house with lots of art, laughter and fun!

What feeling did you want to create in the kids’ room?

I wanted to create a safe space for my kids to play and grow in. I took my time to thrift shop in flea markets for their beds, drawers, and toy chest. I love rattan so much, and I’m also very fond of their panoramic wallpaper – a reminder of nature and holidays abroad in their room. So, the rest of the accessories are usually pretty neutral with matching tones.


Which items can't you live without in the baby nursery?

I can't live without practical storage around the room, since the boys have so many toys. As they share a room, I’m looking for harmony and unity to get a tidier feel. And I love matching their bedding and accessories.

Which are your three favourite pieces from Elodie's nursery collection?

I’m very fond of the comfy Play Mat for the boys to play and cuddle together on. The Zip &Go and the StoreMyStuff are very practical, moreover the prints are truly lovely!


Go follow Mathilde on her Instagram account @maisonmathusalem to see more of her beautiful home!