Henrietta Fromholtz’s guide to Stockholm

Join blogger and entrepreneur Henrietta Fromholtz, her daughter Billie, and their MONDO Stroller Caramel Brown in Vegan Leather on a stroll around hometown Stockholm, as they go shopping, eating and of course for some famous Swedish fika.

Hi Henrietta! Tell us about yourself!

I’m the mother of Billie, I work full time with my social media-platforms and am an entrepreneur in tech: I love playing paddle tennis and working out at places like Barry's Bootcamp. I spend a lot of time painting and finding interior goodies at vintage shops. If I’m not in Stockholm I’m most likely in Mallorca eating tapas.

Elodie was the first baby brand I got to know a couple of years ago when one of my friends, the first one of the group to become a mother, said: “I only want all details from Elodie”. My daughter Billie's first blanket at the hospital was the Pearl Velvet blanket in Faded Rose (it’s still her favourite) and one of our best purchases to date is the portable changing mat with monogram, and all the matching monogram items. I also just added Elodie´s organizer to my list of must-haves.

When is the best time of year to visit Stockholm?

My first thought was spring, but I have to say early autumn. Or maybe late august, to have the best chance of good weather. In late august the Stockholmers are back in town from vacation and the city feels alive and excited for a “new start”. The weather is fresh, the sun is out but not too hot, which creates the perfect atmosphere for walks and outdoor dates. I love to just sit down at my favourite café, have a cappuccino and watch people and their early autumn styles. And whenever the weather disappoints there are so many museums and galleries to visit.

Tell us your top stroller-friendly spots for;

Breakfast: à la Lo at Karlavägen – to start the day at this place- Yeeep, then you have set the standard for the rest of your day. Have a seat outside and order Stockholm's best granola, citrus salad with mint and the frozen banana yoghurt with peanut butter.

Lunch: I love Eataly at Bibiloteksgatan and their focaccia or Butiken at Strandvägen for a mix-your-own-salad and berries and a mini bun for dessert. If you're up for a nice walk and some great views for the kids, my absolute favourite is Rosendals Trädgård at Djurgården. An oasis for sustainability and cosiness. The menu is always made with ingredients of the season and I love their home made pita bread with hummus and pickled vegetables, as well as their buffet of sweets. The carrot cake – yuuuum! 

Coffee break or Swedish fika with the family:  If you want the best vanilla buns (or cinnamon) in town you must visit Ingrids Bageri at Regeringsgatan for a takeaway. Perfect fika and coffee for your walk around Stockholm City. But if you are more like me and want to combine your fika with an after work you should visit the boutique Hotel Villa Dagmar.

Any favourite park or playground? Museum?

Bring your fika from Ingrids to Humlegården, a big green park in the middle of Östermalm, or combine lunch and art at Fotografiska, an art exhibit and restaurant by the sea. I also just tried Baby Thursday at Bonniers Konsthall, it starts with a 30-minute guided tour of the exhibition and ends with sing- and play time for the babies.


Where do you go shopping?

I go to Södermalm when shopping for vintage but usually I do this tour: Arket for clothes (they also sell great fika and organic food for babies), then the Modern for the best picks of exclusive vintage interior. Strolling forward to NK for the beauty floor (it has everything) and Bonti for kids at the top floor (also great for breastfeeding in their special breastfeeding room). And before walking home a stop at Eataly for some food shopping. We always leave with ham, cheese, fresh pasta, and our favourite olive oil.

Essentials to bring in your stroller and changing bag?

Right now, I can't live without the Eucerin Aquaphor Soothing Skin Cream for cold days. It's really good for both me and Billie's cheeks when you want to protect the skin from the cold weather. I always have two extra pacifiers with pacifier clips from Elodie (yes, only Elodie since they are the best and cutest), portable changing mat and majskrokar (unflavoured corn puffs) in case of emergency.

How come you love and use the Elodie Stroller and what is your favourite feature?

As my friend Ellinor Löfgren said: “What can the MONDO Stroller not do?”. It's so light and simple, is the short answer. It's the perfect stroller for me that loves to be able to be spontaneous, travel and do all the things I want to do without having to leave Billie. I mean, I can quickly fold it into a compact size and bring it on the airplane as hand luggage. Covid please leave and let us take the MONDO to Mallorca! Also, Billie sleeps like the kid she is as soon as we put the stroller in sleeping mode.




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