Introducing Nordic Home Collection

Inspired by classic Scandinavian interior decor we have created a special collection of products featuring dark wood and a rich yet muted colour palette, with plenty of playful details, introducing a Scandinavian take on our popular upcycling star - House of Elodie. 

Scandinavian multifunctional design

The elegant and modern Baby Gym in sophisticated dark wood is one of our favourite multifunctional products. Use it as a Baby Gym by adding the Gym Toys, use the extension legs to build a stylish Clothing Rack, or place the Snuggle House cover over the Baby Gym and you get a fun and cosy place where creative play is encouraged.

Soft Crinkled Cotton Blankets

Adding on to our new range of soft crinkled blankets are these lovely and luxurious blankets made with 6 layers of crinkled cotton in a rich yet muted colour palette. Use in the crib, the cot, or where and whenever something snug and secure is needed.

Protective Playmat

The Nordic Home PlayMat in Northern Star Khaki provides a soft and safe place to play as your baby grows from newborn to toddler, bring even more warmth, cosiness and protective padding to your little one's place of play. The soft beige colour and beautiful yet modern stitched pattern makes it a great addition to the décor not only in the nursery, but in any room of the house.