Introducing the smart and snug Carry Cot

The newest member of our MONDO crew is a cute and useful baby bassinet - the Carry Cot. We wanted all new-born little cuties to enjoy the smooth and joyful experience of a Elodie MONDO Stroller, so we designed this safe and snug Carry Cot. It lets you and your family use just one stroller from the time of birth until your child no longer wants or needs to ride - making the MONDO Stroller your one and only!

The MONDO Stroller is a versitile stroller that looks as good as it feels. Enjoy the exceptional strolling comfort, extra storage and smart solutions that will make your adventures smooth and easy, wheather you and your little one are traveling to a new city, exploring a new park, or just falling asleep on the daily stroll.

Your trusty companion the MONDO Stroller has all the accessories you'll need. The frame is adjustable to use with a car seat, the Sit or Sleep-seat for toddlers, and the Carry Cot for newborns.

When developing the Carry Cot, we considered everything from the safety and comfort of your baby, to how we want you to feel strolling around town. Beyond looking modern and chic the Carry Cot is made of recycled material with a UV 50+ sun protection, and features a built in air vent and a smart wind guard, all to ensure the best experience for you and your little one.

"We've been developing the Carry Cot for over a year now and I'm very proud to finally release it to the world. It makes the MONDO your One and Only!"

— Linda Sätterström, Creative Director and Founder at Elodie

The Carry Cot comes in a sophisticated black colour and an beige shade we call "Moonshell", allowing you to choose the look that best suit you and your style. Enjoy the stroll!