Life as a new mom - Kimberly Blevins

In the first of our interview series with new parents we met up with the wonderful Kimberly Blevins, who talks to us about the experience of becoming a mother. The joys, the troubles, and the products you'll want to keep around for those blissful and challenging first months.


Hey, Kimberly!

Who are you?
My name is Kimberly Blevins and I’m 29 years old living in Stockholm Sweden with my boyfriend Carl and our daughter Cleo. I work as a coordinator at ATP Atelier and occasionally modelling time to time, but currently I’m on parental leave.

Tell us about your family?
Cleo is 7 months old and Carl, or Calle as we call him is 33 years old. Currently we live in a 2-bedroom apartment south of Stockholm city called Mariatorget, but we are just in the middle of moving to a bigger apartment just 10 minutes away from where we live.


Tell us, what has life as a first-time mom been like?
Life as a first-time mom has really exceeded my expectations, it has of course been an emotional rollercoaster, but it has also been the best ride I’ve ever been on. It’s so much fun!

What has been exactly as you expected and what has come as a surprise?
Hmm… that’s a tough one. I don’t feel that anything has been as I’ve expected it to be really. That’s the thing with having a baby, it comes with so many unexpected surprises and it’s nothing as you ever thought it would be. What has surprised me the most is how little I knew about the female body before getting pregnant. At 29 years of age, you would think that you would know a lot about your own body and what will happen during pregnancy and postpartum, but noooo…A lot caught me by surprise.


Biggest change?
Biggest change is definitely my sleeping habits. Sleep was my biggest hobby back in the days, but now I’m greatful when I at least get 4 hours of consistent sleep, haha!  

So far, what have been your highlights of life with a new baby?
The highlight in my life is to watch a human grow, it’s amazing to witness. Also, the love I feel for my daughter is beyond. It’s so powerful and I have never felt such strong bond to a person before. 


What’s the most useful baby products you have?
The products that has been most useful is our baby carrier, baby nest and bouncer. They’ve saved me numerous of times, especially the baby nest with handles as we live in a three-story building without an elevator. So, moving the baby back and forth has been so much easier with it.  

Name a few of your favourite baby accessories from Elodie?
Elodie has so many great, affordable, and not to mention beautiful products! I love all the cosy and pretty blankets; I actually have them all (you can never have too much blankets). The diaper bag is also the best! It has all the pockets and storage you need and it’s the perfect size too! Blinkie is definitely Cleo’s favourite.


Which products would you recommend for the first baby months?
For the first months I would recommend plenty of blankets and a baby nest with handles so you easily can move your baby from different rooms or from the stroller without having them wake up.


What advice would you give new moms?
“Just go with it”… don’t follow any stream or read too much of what other moms and babies are doing or where they are right now in their development. You and your baby are unique and so will your journey be! Take day by day and try to enjoy every minute because they really go by as fast as everyone says.  

Best advice you´ve received from others?  
Try to sleep when baby sleeps!

You can follow Kimberly and Cleo on instagram @kimberlyblevins