Weaves of Kindness

“In a world where you can be anything, be kind.” Let us introduce our Spring/Summer 2020 collection – Weaves of Kindness. This little quote is a favourite of ours and we’ve kept it as a guiding star throughout the whole process of creating the collection. We believe that kindness is never wasted, and you will find it in every corner of the world. People act kindly towards each other every day. It is without a doubt our most important quality as humans. Kindness is our superpower!

Kindness creates the threads of which we weave relationships and even entire communities. Many of the fabrics in our new collection are also weaved, but of yarn-dyed threads of linen and softest cotton. We’ve been looking for an authentic texture and a sand-washed feeling that the desert sun can create. The earthy inspiration in the patterns emphasize this look, and we bind it together with frequent use of frays, tassels and brown leather. The colour base ranges from chocolate brown through sand and vanilla to arrive at bleached and burnt tones of blue and pink.

For this collection we are welcoming the new Cellular Blanket and a classically shaped Baby Bonnet.