At Elodie, a big part of our business is reliant on solid logistics and transportation. As an estimated 90% of our production is based in Asia we are aware that this comes with great responsibility for how we choose to transport our produced goods. We have a very strict policy to transport and carry all our produced goods by sea freight as opposed to air. We have a tight continuous dialogue with both our suppliers and our forwarders to ensure that we always optimize all our shipping containers. Shipping less than full containers is a huge waste of resources. We also choose to work with well renowned nominated carriers to ensure we always get full traceability of our shipments and can have access to data regarding our emissions. As an extension of our transport policy, we try to the furthest of our extent to avoid airfreights as these carry with them the biggest emissions. To achieve a less than 2% airfreight target we always work with extended production lead-times. In practice, this means we always buffer in extra time in all of our orders so that we can push the deliveries and still have time to ship everything by sea freight.