Shop the look – Autumn/Winter -22 Edition

Check out and get inspired by our style guides. Three creative combos for this winter’s stroller walks.

Romantic Puffer

Pastel pink with quilted lines and a bit of flourishing flowers to keep your mood blossoming. This combo uses a sandy brown shade of faux leather to accentuate the authentic retro-feel.
And yes, a pink puffer jacket is definitely the go to piece for binding this look together.

Modern Classic

Weather-ready & Style-steady, but ready to pop! This style uses an earthy and warm colour scheme with sunny day yellow accentors to bring some shine out even on gloomy days. Florian the Fox will feel right at home in this cosy, forest-inspired formation. 

Downtown Dream

Alcantara and Boucle are best friends in this urban-inspired set of style pieces. Let the world now you care about material composition and keeping it clean with a creamy white overall that travels through the suede-brown accessories all the way to the pitch-black draped tote bag.