Safe in the Sun!

Every child needs sun protection. Even on relatively cloudy days much of the sun’s UV rays still reaches through and bounces back from water, sand or even concrete. So while the need for shading products peaks on sunny days with a lot of direct sunlight, it’s still a good idea to use protective headwear outside every day. Elodie has a hat for every occasion that provides at least SPF 30. From the wide brimmed classical Sun Hat, to the reversible Bucket Hat and the Retro-styled Baby Bonnet, each has it’s own particular benefits. Read on to get a guide on sun protecting headwear by Elodie. 


The Classic Sun Hat

Recommended for those sunny days at the beach as the large brim efficiently blocks harmful UV rays from large parts of the face and neck, providing SPF-30 sunscreen protection. It’s made with 100% cotton that gives a smooth fit, and by adjusting the drawstring inside you can reduce or increase the size for an optimal fit. It stays on and it is comfortable to wear even for the youngest.

By folding the brim and adjusting the draw string you can create different looks depending on your preferred style and the day’s need for sun protection. Available in four sizes from new-born and up to three years.


The Extra Wide Brim Models

A relative newcomer in our range are versions featuring a larger brim that makes them stand out from the timeless Classic Sun Hats in Elodies assortment.
Besides the trendy style, two of these models offers a tie solution with a practical stopper under the chin that you can easily adjust for a comfy fit.

Ideal for sunny days and all the fun-time outside. Just like the Classic Sun Hats, they provide a great coverage and protection against harmful UV rays, providing a SPF-30 sunscreen protection.
Create your own personal style by folding the brim and adjusting the draw string. Available in four sizes from new-born and up to three years.

The Bucket Hat

The characteristic Bucket Hat design is a great choice for active kids. Ventilation holes around the hat promotes air circulation and reduces the risk of over-heating during playtime. The fabric provides SPF-30 protection and is 100% Cotton, making it easy to keep clean.

But the best part? It is fully reversible with a different print or colour on either side, giving you double the amount of matchability. In true Elodie Style you can find plenty of matching accessories and products for both sides in our assortment.  

The Baby Bonnet

For the youngest we’ve created this retro-inspired Bonnet that is made from a very soft cotton with high breathability and a smooth feeling against sensitive skin. It comes in three or four sizes where the 0-3 month size and 3-6 month size makes sure you have a SPF-30 hat with optimal fit that lets even the most tiny family members enjoy the time outside. The larger sizes create a cute look for toddlers while the extended brim gives plenty of shade and protection.