The first Bamboo Pacifier in the world

Over two years ago, we began searching for a more environmentally friendly material to create a new generation of pacifiers. After much testing, we found the perfect mixture of bamboo and polypropylene. We are the first company to ever create a pacifier made from renewable bamboo. Choose between suction part in natural rubber or orthodontic silicone.

A more environmentally friendly pacifier

Our ambition when designing the Bamboo Pacifiers was to use materials that have as little negative climate impact as possible, whilst still being solid enough to pass the highest security standards. To accomplish this, we have mixed renewable bamboo fibre and olefin polymer to create a highly durable material with less environmental footprints than plastic.

Orthodontic silicone or natural rubber?

We decided to offer two different suction parts to meet the baby’s, usually, very stronghearted wishes. One version is in silicone with an orthodontic shape, recommended by dentists to prevent tooth misalignment and orthodontic issues later in life. The other version is in natural rubber with a circular and symmetrical shape. Our pacifiers with a suction part in natural rubber are a good choice for parents who opt for plant-based materials. The natural rubber is made from rubber tree sap and is highly elastic, durable and tear-resistant.

Renewable bamboo fibre

Did you know that bamboo is a sustainable crop? A fast-growing plant, that requires no fertiliser, very little water and self-regenerates from its own roots, so it doesn’t need to be replanted. The plants are some of the fastest-growing in the world, which makes them a particularly good substitute for plastic and more slow-growing crops.

Match with Wooden Pacifier Clips

The Bamboo Pacifiers come in eight lovely colours that match beautifully with our Wooden Pacifier Clips. We’ve kept our characteristic shape and added a ring for a more vintage look and feel. With these, our ambition is to take pacifiers to the next level as they are more durable, trendier, and tastier. We haven’t made any compromises from the original vision of creating a more sustainable, new generation pacifier.